Project Overview

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Project Facts
Average Daily Traffic
  • On I-70 = 33,100
  • On S.R. 2040 = 10,060
  • On PA Route 917 = 3,070
Truck Percentage
  • On I-70 = 31%
  • On S.R. 2040 = 16%
  • On PA Route 917 = 20%
Bridge Information
  • Bridges to be impacted by project = 6
  • Bridge area involved in project = 44,000 square feet
  • Average age of bridges impacted by project = 64 years

A Bentleyville Interchange Feasibility Study was completed in December 2004 which evaluated the existing conditions within the study area, identified physical characteristics of the roadway system, safety and efficiency deficiencies, and identified the project purpose and need for future improvements. Public meetings were held as part of the Feasibility Study (2001 and 2002).

The project purpose is to evaluate and determine roadway and interchange design solutions to address existing conditions which may influence safe and efficient travel along the Interstate 70 and S.R. 2040 (Wilson Road) study corridor.

The final design stage was completed in July 2015.

Currently the project is in the Construction Phase. Click HERE to learn more about the Construction.

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